Steel Homes

Steel Framed House Kits

Steel homes from Steel Building Systems are the ultimate do it yourself steel framed house kits. makes it easier for you to purchase steel frame homes, prefab metal buildings and supplies than any other manufacturer. has several steel homes floor plan kits to choose from, each carefully engineered to provide the ultimate in safety, durability, economy and ease of construction for building your new steel home.

Steel Homes are Safer and Cost Less – Call Steel Building Systems steel-framed-home

Steel homes are fire resistant and have proven to be much stronger in resistance to high winds, earthquakes, pests, and lightning. Complex Steel at the framing level is at or below the cost of wood and at least half of the erection in steel homes is performed in the factory. Not only does this save labor time in the field, but it is also figured into the total cost of the steel framed house kits…thus the buyer gets half of the erection cost free! Steel frame homes last longer than wood saving you money.

Steel Homes are Easy-to-Construct – Call Steel Building Systems.

Steel homes are easy to construct with steel framed house kits. Anyone with average mechanical skills (it is proven) can erect these frames. Steel framed house kits are all pre-engineered and mostly pre-assembled. The builder just follows the detailed documentation supplied with the steel home kit. Most frames and trusses can be easily lifted and positioned without the need for forklifts or other lifting equipment. Steel Homes are for people who desire both quality and economy in the most important lifetime investment.

Steel Framed House Kits? Call Steel Building Systems.

Rhino’s steel framed house kits come with all the materials necessary to complete your steel home. Before you receive the building materials, you will receive a full set of blueprints to begin preparation of the foundation for your new steel frame home. With Rhino’s steel framed house kits, buyers also receive a full suite of erection drawings, step-by-step building manual, and a construction video that will provide helpful installation tips. At this time the customer can begin slab work, familiarize themselves with our steel framed house kits and the simple erection procedures for building your new steel home.