What is a Steel Compete® Building Kit?

1. Land

Selection and preparation are the 1st step in getting into your new Steel Compete® building. How much room do you have for what size was building? Are there any building code restrictions to consider about building type or location? Our specially trained Building Specialists coupled with our Certified Engineering Staff will gladly assist you!

2. Foundation

Most of our customers prefer a concrete slab built to our Engineer’s guidelines is not required. Individual building specifications are taken into consideration. Average costs for a concrete foundation in the US will run between $2 and $4 per square foot for materials and between $1 and $12 per square foot for professional labor. This is a total concrete slab costs estimate of between $4 and $8 per square foot for your foundation.

Note: Costs may vary by building type and geographic location.

3. Building Construction

Materials and Labor will vary widely in this selection process. Traditional architecture choices (wood, masonry, etc.) can run from $20 to $35 per square foot for materials and the high-level skills required of labor will add another $10 to $20 per square foot for a total average of $30 to $55 per square foot!

Steel Compete® Building Kits changes all of that!

New technology in both metallurgy and Computer Aided Design (CAD) Engineering allow us to provide you with a virtually Maintenance-Free, 30-Year Warranted, Super Strong, Highly Stylish Steel Compete® Building for between $4 to $12 per square foot!

Building Construction Cost Per Square Foot




Traditional (wood, masonry, etc.)

$20 to $35

$10 to $20

$30 to $55

Steel Compete® Building Kits

$4 to $12

$3 to $4 (or FREE!)

$7 to $16

Total Steel Compete® Savings Potential: Save $19 To $39 Per Square Foot!

Steel Compete® Building Kit Components

Arches – Arches are a bolted-together assembly of panels in two-foot wide sections that can easily be raised and bolted to the next standing arch as an easy-to-assemble construction process. These arches represent the roof section and two sidewalls for every building. Building lengths can be easily increased by adding new arches for each two feet of length desired. Every Steel Compete® building is built with our legendary Steel Compete® arch panels. This unique design provides a maintenance-free, clear span building. These tough, rugged panels are made from 100% heavy commercial Galvalume Plus™ steel, pre-cut and pre-drilled with computer accuracy.

Base Connector With Anchor Bolts – The Steel Compete® Base Connector provides a transition for your building to its foundation. Arches bolt to the Base Connector which anchor bolts to the concrete foundation. The Base Connector gives you the flexibility to move or expand your Steel Compete® building. It also provides maximum protection against everything from moisture to insects. Perfect for use with existing slabs or block walls.

Bolts – Every Steel Compete® building is constructed using one-size nut and bolt. The Steel Compete® bolt features a recessed polyethylene washer for a virtually airtight seal. They set the standard for quality and ease of construction, and offer unsurpassed strength and flexibility.

Colors include Silver; a have a fine aluminum+zinc coating that never needs painting, or factory-painted color choices in White, Tan, Beige, Slate Blue, Melchers Green, or Tile Red. Each Color-of-Choice End Wall includes (1) Trim Kit.

Construction Manual – The Steel Compete® Construction Manual provides you with step-by-step information on the easy assembly of your Steel Compete® Building Kit. Call our Customer Service staff if you should have any additional questions.

Engineered Blueprints – Steel Compete® Engineered Blueprints are available for all 50 states and can meet all local building code requirements. Clearly diagramed drawings of your building are Provided.

Framed Openings – Steel Compete® Framed Openings are steel-framed openings for End Walls that are ready for doors and windows to be easily inserted.

Louver Vents – Steel Compete® Louver Vents easily install into End Walls for increased ventilation which will eliminate condensation and maximize air circulation.

Solid End Walls bolt together using the same one-size nut and bolt used for the arches. Each Solid End Wall includes (1) Trim Kit. Only available in Silver color.

Trim Kits – Steel Compete® Trim Kits are designed to finish off the ends of your building covering any exposed edges.

Doors – Service Doors are easy to install for easy access to your building. Pre-drilled to fit your End Walls.

Turbine Vents – Turbine Vents and adapters get rid condensation, maximize air circulation and are easy to install.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the building kit “customer-friendly”?

You bet! Every Building Kit features easy, complete illustrated instructions. Using one-size bolt as the only fastener and precision-fit components, erecting your new Steel Compete® Building is a SNAP!

Can I put this building up myself?

Absolutely! Most of our customers assemble the arches to complete their Steel Compete® Building. Each of our buildings comes with an easy-to-read and detailed construction manual to aid in the construction of your new building. Always remember that your Steel Compete® Building Specialist and our Customer Service staff are available should you have any questions during the assembly process.

How do I put the building up myself?

Step 1:

Build Your Arches —End Wall, or a custom End Wall that you create and add on yourself.

What type of foundation is required?

Your foundation can be concrete, wood, or other materials based on your intended use. Most Steel Compete® building owners place their buildings on a concrete slab or footer. With our simple pre-drilled Base Connector (optional), attaching your Steel Compete® Building to foundation anchor bolts is a snap.

What about annual maintenance?

You don’t have to treat it, paint it, or maintain it. With a Steel Compete® Building, you just enjoy it. The coating provides years of maintenance-free use. And the rugged, resilient steel will take the bumps and bangs common to a working building.

Can I insulate a Steel Compete® Building?

Steel Compete’s® design allows for just about any type of insulation. Whether it’s fiberglass rolls, spray-on insulation or rigid foam, it’s a natural process.

How long will it take to build my building?

Steel Compete’s® pre-cut, pre-drilled Building Kits are easy to assemble. Most Building Kits can be assembled in a matter of just a few days.

Can I run electrical wiring through my building?

Of course! Running electrical wiring is easy, although, you will probably want to have a certified electrician install your wiring.

How many skylights can I put in my building?

You must allow six feet of clearance from the end of the building before placing a vent or window. Then the accessories can be placed every ten feet if they are staggered side to side. If you wish to not stagger the accessories, you must allow 20-feet between each skylight and vent.

Can I put my end walls and doors in?

Absolutely! When you need to match or complement, other buildings Building Kits can be customized Trim Kits.

What will prevent condensation in my building?

All buildings produce some condensation, so make sure your building is properly ventilated to avoid any condensation inside your Steel Compete® Building.

Can I paint my building?

You can paint your Steel Compete® Building as you would any other type of building. However, painting isn’t required for weather protection – the aluminum+zinc surface provides that for 30 years!

What is the material for this type building?

In a word – STEEL! Steel does not rot, warp it’s non-combustible. Structural, less expensive than any other common building material.

Can I put in a partition PLEASE?

Customizing the interior of your Steel Compete® Building is easy to do. With our clear span, a trustless design you can divide up space in your Steel Compete® Building however you want.

How long does it take to get my blueprints?

Blueprints should be received in 3-4 weeks; once all signed paperwork has been received.

Do I have to caulk my entire building?

The quality of the Steel Compete® overlap provides a virtually leak-proof structure; therefore, most building owners elect not to caulk their entire building. Please speak with your Building Specialist regarding your particular application.

Can I put the building on concrete or wood walls?

There are some options you can use for walls. Concrete, block, wood and even steel are all ways to increase the height of your Steel Compete® Building Kit.