Steel Building Types

Churches, Schools & Gymnasiums

There is a wide variety of needs for function & design in churches, schools & recreational buildings.
Our customers tell us major concerns are maintenance, initial cost, and specific space requirements.
Whether you need a small gym, a large clear span arena or an efficiently spaced Church, Steel Compete is ready to help.

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Mini Storage

Durability, security, space efficiency and low maintenance are all major concerns at an economical cost. Steel Compete mini storage units are made with light weight cold formed steel and are available in virtually any length. The bays are adjustable, and steel partitions are removable to accommodate larger units. Units are not-combustible providing secure storage.

Riding Arenas and barns

Steel Compete offers many attractive, functional and expandable buildings designed with economy and Flexibility in mind, without compromising function or appearance. With the application of proper insulation, Steel Buildings are thermal efficient structures. Up-keep is minimized because our buildings are manufactured to ensure that materials will not warp, peel, rot, or crack. Panels use high-quality color finishes offering up to 20-year warranties.

Airplane Hangars

These buildings are available in a variety of sizes & designs. Steel Compete will offer a cost-effective solution to your needs, whether simple or complex.
Available with a variety of doors;

Hangars offer Short construction time. flexibility in design. Low maintenance.
Our Column-free interior provides wide floor space. A variety of wave heights is available to accommodate small to large planes. Each building is engineered to meet all requirements and local building codes.***

Retail/ Commercial

Steel Compete systems offer substantial savings over ordinary construction methods. Enjoy faster installation time, low maintenance cost, and durability. Use of a variety of finishing materials will enhance your building and help you meet zoning requirements. Energy efficient Steel buildings offer lower heating and cooling costs.

*** Building owners are responsible for ensuring that structures ordered comply with local building codes, zoning, snow load, wind load and seismic requirements.

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